Our Story

Yakiniso was born as a result of urgent needs and ideas contained for development with an easier approach and Documentation process that meets ISO standards.

As time goes by and the development of technology in a radical new era of online communication and documentation, gives yakiniso more reasons to come as a new face and a platform to provide an interesting and easy experience, present as a start-up that provides more than solutions.

Yakiniso is based in Indonesia, with a background of experience as a fashion start-up in need ISO 9001 documentation with limited time and resources by presenting Yakiniso.

Yakiniso hopes that many start-ups will be helped and will make it easier to document ISO and give them the opportunity to take their business to the next level.

Yakiniso is run by a team of experienced ISO professionals who understand the complex process of obtaining ISO Documentation, we make ISO Documentation as easy as possible with system integrity, and support a wide range of company businesses.