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At Yakiniso, we believe that ISO Documentation should be stress-free and easy, becoming the quickest and most affordable way to get you ISO Certified.

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A cloud based platform ensures thats businesses can be documentation in the least amount of time whilst upholding ISO standards.

Paperless Process

This streamlined progressive approach prioritizes the reduction of waste and travel costs, whilst enhancing Environmental values.

Private ISO Cloud Storage

Removing the need for a physical auditor into your business will reduce expenses, and erase valuable physical resource requirements.

Easy and Quickest

Our unique cloud solution to ISO documentation and compliance speeds up the documentation process, and has been specially designed to go be easy to follow, even for those new to documentation management or ISO Standards.

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Can my business use Yakiniso?

Although Yakiniso is designed for small and medium scale businesses in low risk environments, other business can also benefit from our services regardless of size and risk.

Is my information kept private and save ?

At Yakiniso, we guarantee that your privacy and the safety of your data is our topmost priority, and we ensure that your data is secure with our world-class encrypted secured cloud servers.

What documents are available here?

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. And more documents will be added.

My staff are not computer savvy, is yakiniso difficult to use ?

Yakiniso was been designed with low skilled computer users in mind, the platform with user guides are easy to navigate and manage, even for less experienced computer users.